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Marital Assets


Who Gets the Family House in an Arizona Divorce?

Factors that Determine Who Gets the Family House in an Arizona Divorce

The family home is probably one of the most prominent symbols of the lasting union between two people. This is why letting go of the house in divorce proceedings can be equally hard for both spouses. Who gets the family house in an Arizona divorce […]

Can I Change the Locks? Who Gets the House?



The marital home can be one of the most valuable assets a divorcing couple owns, both from a financial and an emotional standpoint. As a result, the marital residence can become a source of contention in divorce proceedings. Even in community property states like Arizona, it is rare for a divorce court to simply order […]

Show Me the Money! Tips for Splitting your Debt in Divorce

Introduction to Debts and Divorce

man signs his divorce documentsIn a divorce, when speaking of “division” most people think of the assets and property the couple has acquired during the marriage. Of course, a court presiding over a divorce case will divide the property of the couple according […]

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