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Choosing a Parent to Live with After Divorce

When is a Child Allowed to Choose the Parent They Want to Live with After Divorce?

Child custody proceedings in Arizona are entirely based on the child’s best interest. Older kids can express a custodial preference on their own which is why many parents wonder whether this preference is taken in consideration by court. Children in Arizona […]

Who Gets the Family House in an Arizona Divorce?

Factors that Determine Who Gets the Family House in an Arizona Divorce

The family home is probably one of the most prominent symbols of the lasting union between two people. This is why letting go of the house in divorce proceedings can be equally hard for both spouses. Who gets the family house in an Arizona divorce […]

How to Restore a Former Name After a Divorce in Arizona?

How to Restore a Former Name after a Divorce in Arizona?

Something as simple as the restoration of one’s former name after a divorce is guided by specific laws and regulations. For many people, this act is very important because it indicates the finality of the marriage. Usually, a wife is the one who takes the […]

Divorce and the Family Home

Introduction to The Family Home After a Divorce

Going through a divorce can turn a couple’s life upside down and lot of arguing can be involved. One point of contention in a lot of divorces is the marital residence. The question of who should stay in the home and whether the home should be sold […]

Why You Need to Stay Involved in Your Children’s Lives After Divorce

top 3 reasons to stay involved in your children's lives after divorce

Top 3 Reasons You Need to Stay Involved in Your Children’s Lives After Divorce

Children are often viewed as the “innocent casualties” of a divorce. When a couple who has children decides to divorce, children may be intentionally […]

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