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Child Support


Arizona Child Support Calculator

Arizona Child Support Calculator

arizona child support calculatorChild support is a payment that the noncustodial party pays to the custodial party of a child. This is done so that the parent with whom the child resides physically with is not solely responsible for all the obligations when taking […]

Arizona Child Support Laws

Arizona Child Support Laws

arizona child support lawsChild support is an important aspect of family law and can be a significant hurdle for those who are required to provide support.  This blogpost will provide a broad overview of the laws governing Arizona child support.

Per A.R.S. § 25-501(A), […]

How Long Do You Have to Pay Child Support in Arizona?

How Long Do You Have to Pay Child Support in Arizona?

how long do you have to pay child supportLegally stopping the payment of child support in Arizona is possible in several scenarios. Most often, parents discontinue such payments when their child turns 18. Keep in mind, however, […]

Reforming Arizona Child Support Guidelines is Long Overdue

Reforming Arizona Child Support Guidelines Is Long Overdue

arizona child support guidelinesWhen Gerald Ford’s administration enacted Section IV-D of the Social Security Act in 1975, a nuclear family was hit with a nuclear bomb. No-fault divorces just began, meaning homebound women were left to their own devices in […]

Late Child Support Payments in Arizona

Late Child Support Payments in Arizona

Strict regulations govern the provision of child support in the aftermath of an Arizona divorce. These legal provisions also envision certain enforcements to recover late child support payments in Arizona.

If you are late with child support payments, you will probably worry about the collection efforts and the eventual repercussions. In […]

What it Takes to Modify Child Support in Arizona

What it Takes to Modify Child Support in Arizona

Even if you like planning for the future, unpredictable things can happen. The child support that has been determined immediately after the finalization of a divorce may have to be modified in the years to come to address unexpected changes in personal or professional circumstances. There are two […]

Introduction to Child Support

Introduction to Child Support Basics  

When the parents of a child are not living together, or the parents do not have an agreement in place for how to financially care for their child, the court can impose one parent to pay the other parent child support. It is a common misconception that child support is […]

How Can Grandparents Help in Family Law?

What Can Grandparents Do When the Family is Falling Apart?

Grandparents often play a significant role in the lives of their grandchildren and assist their children (or children-in-law) in times of need. Is there a bill that needs to be paid? The grandparents may provide additional funds to […]

Determining Income for Child Support

Often when I meet with both current and prospective clients I receive questions about how income is determined and what sources may be considered by the Court when calculating child support in Arizona.

First, any court ordered spousal maintenance being paid shall be deducted from that parties gross monthly income and if the other person to […]

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