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Reasons to Lose Custody of a Child in Arizona

Reasons to Lose Custody of a Child in Arizona

reasons to lose custody of a child

All custody decisions in Arizona are based on the child’s best interest. This principle guides the work of the Arizona Department of Child Safety. While being with their parents is usually best for […]

Arizona Child Custody Laws and Procedure

Arizona Child Custody Laws and Procedure

arizona child custody lawsSingle noncustodial parents who believe they deserve equal access to their children will hire a family law attorney to help them through the process, though questions and fears will certainly mount. If you’re contemplating child custody in Arizona, and […]

Fit and Unfit Parents as Defined by Arizona Law

Fit and Unfit Parents as Defined by Arizona Law

Parenting time and custody decisions in Arizona are made to guarantee the best interest of the child. In order to provide such a guarantee, a court will have to determine whether a parent is fit or unfit. Whenever parents cannot agree on custody issues, the decision will be […]

What is an Arizona Parenting Plan in a Child Custody Case?

What is an Arizona Parenting Plan in Child Custody Cases?

Getting children in the middle of a parental tug-of-war during a divorce could be incredibly damaging. While it may be difficult to come to an agreement, most parents are keeping their children’s best interest in mind when going through the legal battle. So, what is an […]

Parental Kidnapping in Arizona – Tucson Divorce Attorneys

Regulations Pertaining to Parental Kidnapping in Arizona

The unauthorized transportation of children out of the state by one parent is called parental kidnapping in Arizona or custodial interference. Whether or not it’s possible for a parent to travel with the children depends entirely on the custody order. In some cases, a custodial […]

What is Child Abandonment?

Introduction to Child Abandonment Laws

abandoned baby doll

The term abandonment can mean a variety of different things, depending on the person using the term. In the law, abandonment has a very specific definition (although it may differ slightly from state to state). Generally, child abandonment occurs when […]

Is Adoption Permanent? Can I Reverse Adoption?

Invalidating or Reverse Adoption

permanent adoptionAn adoption can be considered a “forever decision” in that, once finalized and approved, it is nearly impossible to undo and reverse the adoption. An order granting an adoption is usually the result of a […]

Three Things NOT to Say During Your Child Custody Hearing


Woman in child custody hearingMost judges understand the importance of child custody hearings, but do not enjoy conducting them. This is because these hearings often devolve into two parents accusing each other of bad behavior and harmful habits and touting themselves as being the better parent. Even […]

Who Makes a Good Witness in a Custody Dispute?

custody disputeWhen a court is called upon to make custody determinations (whether temporary or permanent in nature), the court is always guided by the child’s best interest. This can be difficult for the court to determine, especially if one parent is claiming one set of orders would be […]

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